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Processing statement execution of courses

Elaboration regarding the use and processing of data of Persons (Coachees) who – in the scope of (Career) coaching, Outplacement or Sustainable Deployment follow individual courses at Van Eijndhoven & Go.

  • Coachees who want to follow an individual course at Van Eijndhoven & Go will always first be invited for an intake with the Coach who will be taking on this course;
  • The invitation for this and the confirmation of the invitation will take place via email. This email will also refer to this ‘Processing Statement Execution of Courses’ on our website and the Coachee concerned will be asked to carefully read through this statement;
  • The intake will begin with the question whether the Coachee concerned agrees to the mentioned statement. Should there be any questions, then the Coach will further elaborate where necessary, and in case the Coachee (partly) objects then in consultation with him or her, Van Eijndhoven & Go will handle this in a suitable way during the course. The consent, possible (partial)objections and possible adjusted way of data processing will be included in the intake report by the Coach concerned;
  • Moreover, the Coach will check whether the Coachee concerned is aware of and agrees to the fact that his/her employee has hired Van Eijndhoven & Go located in Utrecht, in the identity of career guidance agency, in favour of executing an individual course in favour of the Coachee;
  • In this context, Van Eijndhoven & Go will receive certain (personal)data or data related to the Coachee from his/her employer and this data will be placed at the disposal of the by Van Eijndhoven & Go (hired) career coach who will be coaching the Coachee in this case, in favour of the execution of the course.
  • The data regarding the Coachee that Van Eijndhoven & Go has received and forwarded to the career coach concerned before the start of the course are In general: first name and last name, place of residence, mobile telephone number, email address, date of birth, name of employer, job position and what type of course it concerns. This is data which in the first instance we need to be able to reach the Coachee. Should we receive more detailed data then this happens under the responsibility of the employer. In principle we will not be using this data, but if needed, we will immediately request it from the Coachee concerned during the intake or during the course;
  • Certain personal data (among others name, email address, date of birth, level of education) will be used for recording on websites, on which the Coachee can make tests and/or fill in personality questionnaires and in the scope of that become known to suppliers of Van Eijndhoven & Go, who have provided Van Eijndhoven & Go with licences regarding the use of these digital tools, approachable through websites of the suppliers concerned;
  • Reports resulting from filled in tests/ personality questionnaires, are placed at the disposal of the Coachee and also of his/her Coach, with the purpose to provide further explanation of the reports and to use substantially for the implementation and support of his/her course. Information from this report will be treated confidentially and will only be able to be consulted by the Coachee, authorized staff of Van Eijndhoven & Go, and his/her Coach;
  • Van Eijndhoven & Go declares to the Coachee to make sure that adequate processing agreements have been closed for the security of the personal data of the Coachee concerned with the suppliers of the mentioned tools, as well as with the hired career coach;
  • Van Eijndhoven & Go and/or the Coach connected to the Coachee can forward his/her first and last name, mobile telephone number and email address or entire resume with his/her information to third parties such as recruiters, secondment agencies, new employees or relevant network contacts in the scope of job applications and/or networking. This will only take place after consultation with and after the explicit permission of the Coachee;
  • First name and last name of the Coachee will be mentioned on the offers and sales invoices to the customers/clients of Van Eijndhoven & Go, who are also employer of the Coachee concerned, as well as, if applicable, on the invoices of the career coach hired by Van Eijndhoven & GO;
  • The storage period of the personal data of the Coachee is determined for the period of maximum 1 year after termination of his/her career course and/or coaching course; after the mentioned period, the personal data will be destroyed;
  • De basis on which data of the Coachee is used concerns the execution of an agreement between Van Eijndhoven & Go and its client, being the employer of the Coachee concerned, or an agreement entered into directly with the Coachee;
  • Van Eijndhoven & Go will provide its client, being the (former) employer of the Coachee, with the following information and feedback with regard to the executed coaching in favour of the Coachee: commencement of the course/starting date, number of conversations had, applied instruments, which stage the course is at, date of completion of the course and the result of the course;
  • Under no circumstances will we provide substantive information or information that is highly privacy sensitive to the (former) employer of the Coachee or to third parties. Should, in the scope of further agreements with the (former) employer or for the progress of the course, it still be necessary to share certain information, we will always consult with the Coachee first, about which data it concerns and ask for their explicit permission regarding how and if this information is going to be communicated;
  • Should it occur that, for a proper execution and a targeted progress of the course it is necessary to use, process or share certain information in a different way than indicated, then this will always first be consulted with the Coachee. Also, further agreements will be made regarding which information it concerns and how this is going to take place;
  • The Coachee will be informed regarding the fact that he/she as registered person of his/her personal data in the database of Van Eijndhoven & Go by virtue of the privacy regulations, has certain rights, including the right to adjust and/or correct his/her information, to have it removed as well as to file a complaint with regard to the privacy regulations;
  • The Coachee will be notified with regard to the privacy policy of Van Eijndhoven & Go, including the technical and organizational security measures, that have been taken in order to adequately protect the personal data concerned.
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