For a strong career story!
Our approach

We are there for you when you need us, as the sparring partner for your career.
Whichever career stage you are in: your thrilling thirties, fierce fifties, whether you are a thriving thirty-something or super in your sixties. We know that your career conforms to your age. Are you in your thirties, then other things are going on in your life then if you are fifty or sixty years old. And this gets the attention it deserves, in all our programmes.

With our five pillars, we inspire you. We offer you a touch of provocation, a strong career story, a large dose of humour and tons of results. Results, because all programmes lead to a concrete plan, a plan with goals for your personal development in your career. It’s all about thinking and doing. It is this precise combination that will lead to your next step.

In addition to individual coaching, in the programmes you can participate in workshops, masterclasses, and roundtable sessions. Here you can meet people who are also examining their careers. To inspire each other, to question each other, to come up with ideas, and last but not least: to use each other’s network. We concretely help you grow your network, because after all, your network is going to help you realise your career plan.

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