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'Am I going to be albe to find another job?'

‘How great to get help in these exciting times of finding a new job, because so much is thrown at you! The help I received soon resulted in a proper motivation letter, a strong LinkedIn profile and sorting out my resume and I started applying for jobs full of optimism. Soon I discovered that the labour market nowadays is strict and difficult. Not just in the experience you have to offer, but also when it comes to your looks! After a few rejections I lost courage and I felt personally attacked. To find my way in this and to keep standing for who I am we started brainstorming and we redirected the search direction towards trendy, fresh companies! The various workshops are educational, interesting and disarming and it is nice to be able to talk to others and to become inspired by them. Not only have I learned everything about creating a motivation letter, a resume, a LinkedIn profile, and about how you can sell yourself on the labour market… but I have also learned how to present the best version of myself on the labour market, without losing my ‘own self’!’

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