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'I find it exciting and I keep getting to know myself better'.

‘When my employer declared my position redundant, my world did collapse for a while there. Would I be able to find another job at my age? Me, to whom security is so important? In the career research I encountered two tracks: keep doing what I was doing, the most secure road, or choose what would possibly make me very happy, namely a job in the energy business.
While I am not ready to let go of the first track yet, at the same time a whole new world is opening for me. Having coffee with people who are doing the job that I would like to start doing seems to work incredibly well. I am even starting to like it, who would have thought that?
Luckily, I am not alone, individual sessions with my career coach are alternated with workshops with other people who are taking a close look at their careers, how refreshing!’

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